Written by Fellow Cpo.


So I’m writing this because I think it’s a missed out area that we never talk about and should really.

Eating healthy while on a CP/security task can be hard to do but hopefully with tips and advice it can be done.

Before I start this I’d like you to get to know my background.

I started off in the fitness industry some years back as a trainer and was sponsored by a UK supplement company at one point through my particular sport.

I have been very lucky to have spent time with some of the most respected trainers and dietitians in the UK fitness industry.

Obviously my role has now changed as I’m in the security industry but the advice I gained and was taught still stays the same today

Now I’m sure we are all guilty of this, you have just completed a task it’s been a long 12 hours but overran because of unexpected delays, we are tired and hungry and everything is shut apart from the nearest kebab shop, we order a dodgy doner because it’s cheap its fast its convenient and it fills us up for a while.

So let’s go and try and clean up the diet!

Eating on task

So recently I was on a task and my accommodation literally was just a bedroom so I had no access to a cooker or microwave and I didn’t fancy eating out either so I picked myself up a weeks’ worth of food beforehand and packed it in a suitcase. As you can see by the picture it can be done if you have the dedication and you choose the right foods these are some of the items I took with me

Dark Chocolate -Much healthier then the milk variety

Tuna chunks – low in fat and high in protein

Almond spread- which has added whey protein in

Nurtigrain – While slightly higher in sugar but they will keep you going for the day

Briveita biscuit’s – Slow releasing carbs and perfect for breakfast

Peanut butter – Full of good healthy fats

Turkey slices – Lean protein

Occasionally I would nip to the shop and get myself Greek yoghurt, cooked greens and oats

When we can’t get pure food what do we use instead?

Protein bars/protein shakes are a complete time saver and convenient

These are my personal favourites

My protein – Double Chocolate cookie

The protein works -Protein flapjacks luxe – chocolate peanut

Go nutrition – Chocolate Muffin

Maxi nutrition- Promax chocolate orange bar

I use these when struggling to get a meal in or after a workout at the gym.

Eating fast food can be healthy?

When purchasing fast food you can try and make the right choices


If you’re looking at getting a nutritious meal then your best bet is chicken selects with a side salad and a bottle of mineral water it’s the healthiest thing on the menu.

Not a chicken fan? Then a double cheese burger without the cheese and take off the bread and mix with a salad again not perfect it’s a compromise.


Turkey and ham salad everything on apart from cheese and a low fat mayo or mustard dressing.

I could pick millions of fast food places but I’m using these as an example as they are the ones that most people eat at.

Depending again on your budget you could always order meals from meal preparation companies. Some are expensive but if you’re busy and don’t have time or don’t want to cook when you get in from work they are an easy alternative.

I hope this quick article just scratches the surface and will literally give you food for thought when your next meal comes around.